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Marfiks provides services in the field of stonework, such as: complete bathrooms and kitchens, external and internal stairs, modern and rustic floors, glued and ventilated terraces, facades, fireplaces, grills, window sills, kitchen and bathroom countertops, swimming pools, SPA, shops, exhibitions, as well as small design elements such as tables, boards, flower pots, candlesticks, etc.


Trends change like in a kaleidoscope, and with them the design of our interiors – also the design of bathrooms. First of all, the bathroom has become a beautifully decorated bathing lounge where you can relax like in the best spa.

Living room & Fireplace

The perfect living room is a completely different vision for each person. Some people plan a living room with a stone wall, others a living room with a fireplace, still others dream of a spacious living room with a dining area.


The kitchen is the heart of every home. Looking through kitchen inspirations, you can see that both open and closed kitchen designs can be functional and comfortable in everyday use, but they have their advantages and disadvantages.

Floors & Stairs

Stone floors are extremely durable, they age beautifully and inspire general admiration. Due to the fact that they perfectly conduct heat and keep it for a long time, they are the best type of floor finish, especially with underfloor heating.

Pools & SPA

The azure blue water, and we are in it … A beautiful vision. If we want to implement this idyllic projection on our home estate, a swimming pool will be a must! Indoor or open … the choice depends on whether we want a summer climate all year round or in winter, we prefer alpine sports.

Fasade & Terrace

In the past, the façade was an indicator of the wealth of the owners of tenement houses and houses. Nowadays, the design of fancy facades is a rarity, and architects most often focus on modern solutions with minimalistic, usually practical to maintain, finishes.


Mosaics are a desirable element of interior design. They will look refined and elegant in interiors with a hint of glamour in bathrooms, but also fit perfectly in kitchens, on all kinds of protrusions, on columns, in SPAs, in swimming pools and other places where we want to emphasize their prestige and character.

Kitchen worktops

They are the most important element in our kitchens and at the same time the most exploited element. Therefore, it is worth choosing a material that will be resistant to mechanical damage, scratches, and to fats and acids.


Under the concept of design, we present our possibilities when it comes to the production of small elements that affect the mood of the rooms we arrange. We make, among others tables, pots, candlesticks, heaters, all cases, logotypes made of stone, bathroom fittings such as soap dishes, washers, shelves and all other stoneware elements.

Natural stone

Natural stone in our homes is a testimony to good taste and prestige. Importantly, it is also a 100% ecological product.

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